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Walks and Events


You are invited to participate in a competition among the
community to see which team can take the most steps*

* Any activity can be converted to steps.

  • Teams of 5 from businesses, organizations or groups of friends/families can register here. All teams must register, choose a team name, and pay $15 per person to the YMCA in Greenfield by May 5. Your team is not officially registered if not paid in full by May 5.
  • Each team accumulates ‘steps’ based on their daily movement. 
    To convert activities other than walking see the conversion chart.
    See how to gain bonus steps
  • All activity will be recorded daily by the individual and totals will appear under the team name. 
  • Each week the top 5 teams will be featured in an ad in The Recorder.
    Team leaders will be acknowledged on Tuesdays at noon.

  • Grand Finale party will be held on Thursday, June 25, 2015. Time and place to be determined.
  • Grand prize is $500 to the winning team.
To Gain Bonus Steps: 
Take Group Ex classes at the YMCA (a punch card will be issued for 6 Group Ex classes - one per week)  

Participate in weekly wellness talks at the YMCA - 5 talks at 9 am on Saturdays.
(Prior to the talks there will be a group walk starting at the front of the YMCA at 8 am.) Click here to see dates, times and topics.

Join scheduled walks around Greenfield and surrounding towns

Add 5,000 bonus steps for completing any of the above. 

All ‘steps’ are on the honor system - please be honest and fair.

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Email us: or call the YMCA in Greenfield: 413-773-3646